Where to buy Neuschwanstein castle tickets

Alright, so you’re wondering where to get tickets for Neuschwanstein castle?

Always check the official website for Neuschwanstein first to get tickets. But those tickets sell out fast and are non refundable. We also have some more options listed in this article, which even provide a cancellation policy in case your plans might change.

When we have been to Neuschwanstein castle, we opted-in for a tour in German to see the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle. If you want a guided tour in English then you might want to shop ahead as tickets and time slots are limited.

Buckle up, future castle visitor, because we’re about to dive in where you can buy Neuschwanstein Castle tickets!

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Where to buy Neuschwanstein Tickets?

Official Website

Best price for tickets
✅ Latest information
🚫 Sells out fast
🚫 No cancellation option


With cancellation option
✅ Tickets available, even when sold out on official website
🚫 More expensive


Tickets available, even when sold out on official website
✅ Book online
🚫 No cancellation option

1 Official Neuschwanstein website

The official website to buy tickets for Neuschwanstein is this one: https://shop.ticket-center-hohenschwangau.de/ . This is the most direct, trustworthy, and no-fuss way to secure your pass to the fairytale kingdom.

Plus, you’ll have access to all the latest information directly from the horse’s mouth – or should we say, the castle’s gate?

So, before you go checking out other options, make this site your first port of call.

Now, let’s talk prices. For adults, the rate is a pretty decent 17,50€. Yes, you heard that right! A trip to this dreamy castle won’t break the bank.

But please be aware: tickets on the official website sell out fast. And you cannot cancel those tickets once you bought them online. You also cannot change the date in case your travel plans change.

How to book tickets for Neuschwanstein on the official website?

  1. First go to the ticket shop for Neuschwanstein
  2. Select the castle you want to see – you can choose between Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau or the museum of the Bavarian kings. If you want to visit both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, leave a break of 2,5 hours between your timed slots
  3. Select how many people you want to buy tickets for
  4. Select the date you want to visit, if tickets are sold out for your date, please check here to get tickets
  5. Select how many adults, students etc. you want to buy the tickets for. Please keep in mind that you might want to carry your student ID for identification with you
  6. Pay your tickets and voilá!

2 Neuschwanstein Ticket Center

If you’re already in Hohenschwangau or Füssen, you may be lucky to snap up tickets at the Neuschwanstein Ticket Center.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to find – it’s right next to the Hotel Garni Schlossblick, which is one of the few hotels with a direct view to the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Well, if you’re feeling lucky, head over to the ticket center in the morning. It opens at 8:00 am (during summer time) and they sell a limited amount of tickets each day.

3 Viator*

Okay, so in case your first option is out of tickets and the idea of a spontaneous visit doesn’t appeal to you. We’ve got another option to get tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle – Viator*.

Viator is a well-known online marketplace for tour and travel activities, including tickets to hotspots like Neuschwanstein Castle.

Now, remember that they’re a bit pricier than the official tickets. But hey, at times when the tickets are sold out, Viator can be your knight in shining armor, providing access when most needed. And the castle is worth it, right?

Please keep in mind that you cannot cancel those tickets once you bought them online and you also cannot change the date.

🎟️ Get Neuschwanstein tickets on Viator*

4 GetYourGuide*

For those who like to keep their options open, let’s talk about GetYourGuide*. This online platform is a fantastic alternative when other ticket sources dry up.

Yes, the prices might also be a tad steeper on GetYourGuide as well.

The best part? GetYourGuide offers a cancellation policy. If your travel plans take a sudden turn, they’ve got your back! You can cancel your tickets hassle-free.

So, with GetYourGuide, you not only get a guaranteed entry into the castle of your dreams but also the freedom to adapt to any changes.

🎫 Get Neuschwanstein tickets on GetYourGuide*

5 Tiqets*

Don’t worry if you’ve struck out with other sources; there’s still another player in the game – Tiqets*. This online platform is your one-stop shop for all things tours and attractions.

And yes, that includes tickets to Neuschwanstein Castle. Although the prices are also a smidge higher, the convenience factor can’t be beat.

With Tiqets, you have tickets delivered straight to your smartphone, no printing fuss. Plus, they offer immediate ticket delivery.

Just remember, once you’ve snagged these tickets, there’s no going back. They’re non-cancellable, so be sure it’s the castle visit you’re committing to.

So, if you’re ready for a no-holds-barred approach to getting into the castle of your dreams, Tiqets could be your ticket (pun intended) to success.

🎟️ Get Neuschwanstein tickets with Tiqets*

6 Ask at your hotel reception

Believe it or not, hotel staff often have tricks up their sleeve when it comes to securing entry to popular tourist spots like Neuschwanstein Castle.

So don’t hesitate to ask them for help – they may just be able to get those elusive tickets for you. This approach isn’t guaranteed, but it’s always worth a shot when other options come up short.

After all, the goal is to get inside that breathtaking castle, and sometimes, the old-fashioned way can work wonders. So, go on, ask away!

Where to buy Neuschwanstein Castle skip the line tickets?

Basically, all tickets that you buy for Neuschwanstein are skip-the-line tickets. The tickets, no matter where you buy them, are pre-booked for a specific time slot so you will avoid long lines if you book ahead.

Always check the official website first for tickets and then head to the alternatives such as Viator*, GetYourGuide* or Tiqets*.

When to buy tickets for Neuschwanstein?

Securing your Neuschwanstein Castle tickets requires a bit of foresight and planning. The golden rule here is to buy your tickets early, especially during the busy summer season. Tickets sell like hotcakes and you don’t want to miss out. 

Keep in mind, though, tickets can only be purchased up to four months in advance on the official website.

So, once your travel dates are set, jot down a reminder in your calendar to grab those tickets exactly four months prior.

This way, you’ll save your ticket to one of the best places to visit when coming to Germany for the first-time!

FAQ: tickets for neuschwanstein castle

How much are tickets to Neuschwanstein Castle?

The prices for the Neuschwanstein Castle tickets on the official website are as follows:

AdultEUR 17,50
Child (0 – 17 years old)EUR 2,50
Reduced price for university students, Seniors, Guestcard, DisabledEUR 16,50
Students (school) (ID necessary)EUR 2,50
Adult Accompanying Person Severely Disabled:EUR 2,50
Prices for Neuschwanstein admission

Please note, these prices are subject to change. Always check the official website for the most up-to-date information

Conclusion: where to Buy tickets to see Neuschwanstein

Visiting the spectacular Neuschwanstein Castle doesn’t have to mean waiting in line for hours. You’ve got several options to scoop up those precious skip-the-line tickets. 

The official Neuschwanstein Castle website is always a good place to start. But if lady luck isn’t on your side there, check out platforms like Viator*, GetYourGuide*, and Tiqets*.

They’ve got you covered and often have tickets even when the tickets are sold out.

And don’t forget the good old hotel reception – you never know, they might just have the insider connections to get those tickets in your hand.

Did you know that there are just a few hotels in Hohenschwangau where you can see Neuschwanstein from your balcony or terrace? Read further here which hotels offer the best view to Neuschwanstein.

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