Neuschwanstein without a ticket?

Is it possible to explore one of Germany’s most iconic castles without joining a guided tour

Many travelers ponder this question when planning a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.

The answer is: Yes, you can see the exterior of Neuschwanstein without the ticket. If you want to see the interior, you have to purchase a ticket for Neuschwanstein.

The interior of Neuschwanstein is something we have never seen before – and yes we have seen many castles in Germany already.

However, all the pictures which we have taken for this article when we visited Neuschwanstein, have been taken without a ticket.

Please read further if you want to know how you can purchase a ticket.

What you can see in neuschwanstein without a ticket

Fortunately, you can freely explore the castle’s exterior and the surrounding grounds without purchasing a tour ticket. 

Neuschwanstein Castle sits atop a picturesque hill, surrounded by lush forests and offering stunning panoramic views. 

Take your time to stroll through the castle’s courtyard, admire the intricate details of its facade, and capture the perfect photograph from one of the scenic viewpoints.

The castle’s exterior alone is a sight to behold and offers plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in its fairytale atmosphere.

Tip: See the interior with a tour guide

Get picked up at your hotel in Munich, travel in a comfortable van to Neuschwanstein castle and take a guided tour of the castle.
Book early – it’s likely to sell out!

Hiking to the Marienbrücke Bridge

For those seeking an even more breathtaking perspective, a visit to the Marienbrücke Bridge is highly recommended. It is only a 15 minute walk by foot from the Neuschwanstein castle.

This suspension bridge is located just a short hike away from Neuschwanstein Castle and offers an unparalleled view of the castle perched atop the hill. 

Although the bridge can get crowded during peak seasons, the view it provides is simply mesmerizing and well worth the visit. 

Keep in mind that access to the bridge may be restricted during unfavorable weather conditions, so it’s always a good idea to check beforehand.

You cannot see the interieur without a ticket

Unfortunately, visitors cannot see the interieur of Neuschwanstein Castle without a ticket. All visitors must join a guided tour at a fixed admission time, and there are limited tickets available each day.

It is advised to plan ahead, especially when visiting Neuschwanstein Castle during peak travel periods.

Tip: See the interior with a tour guide

Get picked up at your hotel in Munich, travel in a comfortable van to Neuschwanstein castle and take a guided tour of the castle.
Book early – it’s likely to sell out!

Understanding the Tour System of Neuschwanstein

The castle management (yes, castle management – how fun!) requires visitors to join a guided tour (30 minutes) to access the interior of Neuschwanstein.

These tours are conducted in English and German and provide valuable insights into the history and architecture of the castle. 

There are also audio-guides available in other languages.

It is not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. This is also why, we also do not have any picture in this article.

Tickets can be bought in advance as well in the ticket office in Hohenschwangau.

However, you should keep in mind that that Neuschwanstein is one of the top destinations in Germany and is sold out fast and peak season.

Castle Neuschwanstein surrounded from trees and in front of a mountain, you can see the exterior of the castle without a ticket
Neuschwanstein in Bavaria is worth a visit

Where to buy tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle?

Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle can be purchased online on the official website or at the Ticketcenter Hohenschwangau.

It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines and sold-out tours.

If you forgot to buy a ticket in advance, you need to

a) arrive early (around 8 am) to the ticket office and

b) get extremely lucky to get one of the last tickets.

If you want to see the interior of Neuschwanstein, buy your ticket in advance! The tickets for Neuschwanstein cost 17,50 Euros / adult on the official website.

If there are no tickets available on the official website, try Viator* or GETYOURGUIDE* as an alternative.

But bear in mind, that those tickets on Viator and GETYOURGUIDE are more expensive than the offical ones. However, if you really really want to see the castle and tickets are sold out, then this is the place to buy a ticket. If you want to make sure you can see Neuschwanstein, you should buy your tickets in advance.

In case all tickets are sold out on the official website, please see here alternatives websites to purchase a ticket for Neuschwanstein.

Tickets sold out? We got you!

If tickets are sold out, there’s still a place where you may get some tickets – if you are lucky: It’s Viator

Exploring the Hohenschwangau Castle

While Neuschwanstein Castle steals most of the spotlight, don’t overlook its neighboring sibling, Hohenschwangau Castle. 

Situated just a short distance away, Hohenschwangau Castle is equally captivating and offers its own unique charm. 

In the 12th century, Castle Hohenschwangau was mentioned in documents for the first time. So Hohenschwangau is like old-old – 600 years older then Neuschwanstein.

In the 19th century king Maximilian II (father of king Ludwig II) strolled around the – let’s say neighborhood – and found Hohenschwangau by accident. He liked the castle and the surroundings so much, that he bought the castle and renovated it to a romantic castle to live in.

This castle, where King Ludwig II spent his childhood, is open for exploration when you join a guided tour (45 minutes). Discover the royal chambers, learn even more fun details about the castle’s history, and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. 

Visiting Hohenschwangau Castle is a fantastic way to complement your experience at Neuschwanstein Castle.

If you want to visit both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein in one day, plan 2,5 hours in between both castles. You need enough time to get from one castle to the other.

The Hohenschongau castle ist 600 years older than the Neuschwanstein castle

FAQ: Neuschwanstein without a ticket

Can you see Neuschwanstein without a ticket?

Yes,you can see Neuschwanstein without a ticket. However, if you want to see the interieur of Neuschwanstein, you need to purchase a ticket for a guided tour (30 min.). Tickets can be purchased in advance.

Can you walk around Neuschwanstein castle without a ticket?

Yes, you can walk around Neuschwanstein castle without a ticket. The castle’s grounds are open to the public, but access to the castle itself is restricted to guided tours, which require a ticket.

Is the Neuschwanstein Castle Germany worth a trip?

Yes, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is worth a trip. With its stunning architecture, breathtaking views, and fascinating history, it is a must-see destination for anyone interested in culture, history, and art.

What is the cheapest way to visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

The cheapest way to visit Neuschwanstein Castle is by taking a train to Füssen and then taking a bus to the castle. It’s also possible to see Neuschwanstein without a ticket. So this the cheapest way to see Neuschwanstein.

Can you take pictures inside Neuschwanstein Castle?

No, photography is not permitted inside Neuschwanstein Castle. Visitors are only allowed to take photos outside the castle and in the courtyard.

Where is the best viewpoint at Neuschwanstein?

The Marienbrücke is the best viewpoint to see Neuschwanstein Castle. It is located just a short walk from the castle and offers a stunning view of the castle and the surrounding landscape. It is recommended to arrive early to avoid crowds and get the best experience.

Can you go inside Neuschwanstein castle?

Yes, you can go inside Neuschwanstein castle but you need to have a ticket. You can only go inside by joining a guided tour.

Conclusion: Neuschwanstein without a ticket

Castle Neuschwanstein with landscape of trees and a mountain
Don´t miss visiting Neuschwanstein in southern Germany

In conclusion, while it’s not possible to visit the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle without a ticket, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore the Cindarella castle.

From admiring the castle’s exterior and surrounding grounds to hiking to the Marienbrücke Bridge and exploring the neighboring Hohenschwangau Castle, you can create a memorable experience on your own terms. 

If tickets to Neuschwanstein castle are not available on the official website, check our guide how to get tickets to Neuschwanastein when it is sold out.

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