View of Neuschwanstein from afar, the castle can only be visited with a guided tour. You can reach Neuschwanstein from several German cities such as Stuttgart

Are you planning a tour to Neuschwanstein Castle from Nuremberg?

We’ve got some important tips for you.

Unlike other popular tourist destinations such as Munich, there aren’t any organized tours from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein Castle.

But don’t let that put you off – there are still plenty of ways to make the trip to Neuschwanstein Castle on your own.

You could either rent a car and head out for a road trip. Or you can use the well-connected public transportation.

We have even made the journey by train from Bamberg, which is close to Nuremberg. It all worked fine for us and we actually made a daytrip back and forth to Bamberg.

One piece of advice though, consider booking a cozy stay near Füssen or in Hohenschwangau to rest after your castle adventure, as the return trip to Nuremberg can be quite a haul.

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Here are your best options on how to organize a tour to Neuschwanstein castle from Nuremberg

With a rental car to Neuschwanstein from Nuremberg

Renting a car from providers like Sixt* is a great option if you want to have full control over your travel and not be dependent on public transportation.

You have three options to get to Neuschwanstein from Nuremberg by car.

Option 1: The quickest route from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein Castle is approximately 250 km (155 miles) via Augsburg and takes about 3 hours. Assuming standard traffic conditions and no breaks in between.

Option 2: You may also take the A7 route, it is 315 km (195 miles). It’s fairly straightforward. Just make sure to check the traffic situation before you set off as there are some construction sites on this route currently.

Option 3: While the A9 route via Munich might seem like an appealing detour, we recommend avoiding this path. Although Munich itself is a fantastic city with lots to offer, on this route you may get stuck in traffic near Munich.

If you’re inclined to visit Munich, we suggest planning it as a separate stopover. So you have ample time to enjoy both the vibrant city and your castle escapade without feeling rushed.

Once you arrive in Hohenschwangau, you can park your rental car in one of the parking lots such as P1 here. Then you can take a bus, horse carriage or walk up the hill to Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein from Nuremberg by train

If you want to use public transportation, taking the train is a feasible option. But it might take a bit longer than getting to Neuschwanstein with a rental car.

We have taken the train from Bamberg to Neuschwanstein (4 hours 30 minutes one way) and we did this all in one day, so it is possible. But it is a lot time sitting in a train!

You can look up all directions on the official webpage of the Deutsche Bahn*. Simply enter „Nuremberg“ to Neuschwanstein castle and it will show you the exact itinerary.

You will start your trip to Neuschwanstein castle at Nuremberg main train station and then you have two options:

  • Fast but more expensive: Take the ICE („Inter City Express) to Augsburg or Munich train station
  • Budget option with Bayern ticket („Bavaria ticket – valid for a day for up to 5 people): Take the regional train to Munich train station

In fact, you can do the whole trip from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein castle with the Bayern-Ticket. With this ticket, you are only eligible to take regional trains, not the ICE.

Once you’ve reached Munich train station, you’ll need to change trains to the town Buchloe. From Buchloe, you’ll take another train to the city Füssen.

Finally, from Füssen, you can take a bus that will drop you off right in front of Neuschwanstein. The whole journey will take around 4 and a half hours.

If you’re traveling on a budget, there are cheaper options available with regional trains, but they might take a bit longer.

And to be honest: The Deutsche Bahn is very often late. So we do not recommend using it, if you are in a rush.

You can book all your tickets easily on the Deutsche Bahn webpage*.

Things to keep in mind when planning a Neuschwanstein castle tour from Nuremberg

  • If you want to see the interior of Neuschwanstein castle, you have to get a ticket for a guided tour
  • You can see the exterior of Neuschwanstein without a ticket
  • When tickets to Neuschwanstein are sold out, there are alternative options than the official webpage to get tickets
  • When getting to Neuschwanstein by train, factor in that there might be delays as the German train system is not very punctual
  • This is actually a complete day trip, you may want to stay in one of the hotels near Neuschwanstein after you have seen the castle. You can even pick a very nice hotel with a view to Neuschwanstein castle.
  • Especially during the winter, it can get very very cold and roads might be closed. We personally would prefer taking the train during winter time and not driving with a car to get to Neuschwanstein. In summer times we would prefer a rental car, because it´s less stress than public transportation.
  • Charge your camera because the Bavarian alps and Neuschwanstein are super pretty!

FAQ: Neuschwanstein tours from Nuremberg

What is the fastest way to get to Neuschwanstein castle from Nuremberg?

ICE train is the fastest option, taking you from Nuremberg main train station to Munich or Augsburg, then you switch to a train to Buchloe, another to Füssen, and finally a bus that’ll drop you off at Neuschwanstein. The whole journey will take about 4 and a half hours.

Are there any cost-effective options to reach Neuschwanstein from Nuremberg?

Yes, taking the train and getting the Bayern-ticket is a budget-friendly choice to get to Neuschwanstein from Nuremberg.

Can I book tickets online for my journey from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein?

Yes, train tickets train can be booked via the Deutsche Bahn webpage. Also rental cars can be booked online.

What should I keep in mind while planning my journey from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein?

While planning your journey, keep in mind that faster options may be more costly. Budget-friendly choices may take longer, so factor in the extra travel time.

Conclusion: Neuschwanstein castle tour from Nuremberg

So there you have it – planning a trip from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein Castle is absolutely doable!

Whether you’re up for an chill drive with a rental or a train ride, you´ve got options.

To be honest: The Deutsche Bahn* is often not in time and taking trains in Germany sometimes a little nerve wrecking. But if you travel on a budget, the „Bayern ticket“ is a good solution to get on a Neuschwanstein Castle tour from Nuremberg.

If you have a tight schedule and want to be independent from public transportation, we recommend taking a rental car from Nuremberg to Neuschwanstein Castle via SIXT*. There are several Sixt pick up stations in Nuremberg such as the airport, main train station or city centre.

The Bavarian alps are super pretty , and the castle itself – well, it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

So fuel up, pack your favorite snacks, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Happy travels!

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